Aluminium Ropp Caps

AAPL Solutions supply a wide range of Aluminium ROPP Caps. Non-refillable & long skirted aluminium ropp caps are used by distilleries packaging spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, gin and other such beverages. Extra long aluminium ropp caps for this market including 30|60mm, 31.5|60mm, 30|50mm sizes, are generally used for packing wines and other luxury beverages. AAPL offers standard and printed options.

The optional functional and decoration aspects include:

  • 'Non-refillable insert' to ensure brand protection
  • Side embossing and top embossing along with chamfering
  • Sidewall printing on long draw closures (such as 30|35mm, 30|60mm)
  • Caps with internal compound lining suitable for packaging RTDs

Anti-Counterfeit Closures

Every year, worldwide, hundreds of millions of bottles of the most prestigious brands of spirits are counterfeited. The irreparable damage to the image of the company in question and loss of revenues is phenomenal, and is estimated to be over $500 Billion at world level. For 20 years AAPL has been working on valves or internal devices to make it difficult to refill the bottle and have developed non-refillable pourers (NRF).

Basic protection system

  • A one-way valve, a non-refillable pourers for a medium/high level of protection
  • A specifically-designed pourer shape strops the product dripping down the neck
  • Controlled flow when pouring

Advanced protection system

  • A very high level of protection for markets in which there is a high risk of refilling
  • A very complex valve system, with up to three different valves and plastic or glass balls
  • Controlled flow when pouring